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Energy Freedom for everyone

An African Solution for affordable and sustainable electrification

About Peco Power

Peco Power holds its roots in the humble halls of WITS University, where the technology was first developed in 2014 by Professor Willie Cronje and his team of post-graduate students. The aim was to create affordable, safe and reliable solutions to provide electricity for the poor communities in South Africa — to empower them and improve their quality of life. The Peco Power systems entered the retail market in 2019 through partnering with Umbono Capital. Since then, Peco Power has unveiled the patented PowerBrick — a solar-powered mini-grid solution that is both affordable and easy to install. The PowerBrick is the ideal energy solution to service even the most remote communities in Africa. The modularity and expandability of the range of Peco Power products provide tailored energy and backup solutions for the domestic and small commercial sectors within the rural and township communities. Peco Power is currently the only “local-is-lekker” company that manufactures and produces an off-grid electrification solution in South Africa.

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Sustainable Backup Power Solutions Made for Africa

Experience uninterrupted living with Peco's Loadshedding Solutions. Designed for South African households, our Powerbrick Lithium Battery and Inverterbrick offer dual charging through solar and wall socket, ensuring continuous power during loadshedding. Illuminate your space, power electronics, and charge devices seamlessly. Peco's commitment to 'Energy Freedom for Everyone' extends to providing sustainable, proudly South African solutions. Engineered for durability in African conditions, our systems stand the test of time with a lifespan of 8+ years. Trust Peco to deliver affordable, reliable, and efficient off-grid solutions, ensuring your home stays powered and connected through every outage.

Sustainable energy freedom for everyone

At Peco Power, our mission is to provide sustainable energy to every African home. Through the innovative PowerBrick and Inverterbrick, we are lighting up townships and empowering households facing the energy crisis in Africa. Peco Power helps you manage load shedding and power cuts with reliable and affordable off-grid solutions. Join us on the journey to a brighter, energy-independent future.

Sustainable Off-Grid Solutions Made For Africa

Unlock the power of independence with Peco's Off-Grid Solutions tailored for African conditions. Our Powerbrick and Inverterbrick bring sustainable energy freedom to homes without access to electricity. Designed for African conditions, our systems endure, boasting a lifespan of 8+ years. With solar charging, our solutions illuminate lives, running lights, TVs, charging phones, and more. Peco's lighting kit, brightens up to 3 lights, offering a comprehensive energy solution. Proudly South African, we're dedicated to providing affordable, reliable, and enduring off-grid solutions, empowering communities with the promise of a brighter, sustainable future.

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