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Providing Energy Freedom
Providing Energy Freedom
Don't be boxed in by convention.

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PeCo grids herald a new era in addressing electrification in the absence of classical grid services. By treating even the smallest system as a grid it becomes possible to expand and grow small systems into bigger ones and eventually create neighborhood or village grids. This ability to grow from the bottom up to meet and adjust according to varied needs, sets PeCo technology apart from that of its competitors.

Key features of a PeCo System


PeCo Power is the only electrification system that allows seamless expansion of existing systems through its unique top up units.


The ultra-low voltage of the system prevents shock and is safe for all ages.

Fault Tolerant

The intelligent modules of the PeCo system allows it to be robust against electrical faults.

Low Maintenance

The smart capabilities of the PeCo system takes care of itself so you don't need to.

PeCo Power was originally conceptualized and validated over a number of years at the University of the Witwatersrand then patented. A company (PeCo Power Pty Ltd) was established to commercialize the concept

We know Africa.

The PeCo system is designed in Africa for Africa.
A rugged design allows the product to operate
in the harsh African conditions whilst at the same time
being simple and easy to operate.

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Our team of energy specialists

Umbono Capital

CEO - Kerwin Rana

Umbono is a specialized investment group focused on private equity and venture capital investment in niche sectors - natural resources and disruptive healthcare technologies.

Wits Enterprise

University shareholding and support

WITS Commercial Enterprise's Innovation Support team supports the development of products, processes and services from WITS University's world class research and innovations. Our team assists WITS' researchers and academics throughout their research-to-product journey.

PeCo Team

Engineering Team

Dorian Wrigley - CEO and Managing Director

Professor Willie Cronje - Technical Director and Founder

Muhammed Aswat - Engineering Manager

Mohammed Raees Dangor - Business Developement

Tristan Kuisis - Design Engineer

We design and manufacture a line of equipment that can be modularly expanded and flexibly re-configured to meet electrification needs in a variety of situations.

Wits Rural Facility Installation

Wits Rural facility entrance guard hut
Wits Rural facility entrance guard hut powered up
Scalable solution
Let there be light!

Try it out

Start building your own power system today with affordable high quality equipment and expand according to your budget and needs (appliances not included).

  • Basic Starter Kit
  • 415 Wh max usable energy
  • 275 Wh solar energy yield
  • 3 bright lights
  • 2-3 cell phones
  • 1 radio
    • Basic Top Up
    • 70 Wh storage
    • 150 Wh solar energy
  • Pro
  • 1850 Wh max usable energy
  • 1250 Wh solar energy yield
  • 5 bright lights
  • 3-4 cell phones
  • 1 radio
  • 1 television
  • 1 floodlight
  • Pro Top Up
  • 300 Wh storage
  • 600 Wh solar energy
  • Premium
  • 3225 Wh max usable energy
  • 2025 Wh solar energy yield
  • 7 bright lights
  • 4-5 cell phones
  • 1 radio
  • 1 television
  • 2 floodlights
  • 1 fridge
  • Premium Top Up
  • 900 Wh storage
  • 1650 Wh solar energy


Lets get in touch. Send us a message:

1 Jan Smuts Ave, Johannesburg, 2000, South Africa. Second Floor Chamber of Mines

Email: info@pecopower.co.za