Back-up Power

Back-up Power

Sustainable Off-Grid Solutions Made For Africa

Experience uninterrupted living with Peco’s Loadshedding Solutions. Designed for South African households, our Powerbrick Lithium Battery and Inverterbrick offer dual charging through solar and wall socket, ensuring continuous power during loadshedding. Illuminate your space, power electronics, and charge devices seamlessly.

¬†Peco’s commitment to ‘Energy Freedom for Everyone’ extends to providing sustainable, proudly South African solutions. Engineered for durability in African conditions, our systems stand the test of time with a lifespan of 8+ years. Trust Peco to deliver affordable, reliable, and efficient off-grid solutions, ensuring your home stays powered and connected through every outage

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Energy Freedom For Everyone

PowerBrick Features

The PowerBrick has many features that make it the perfect Off-Grid solution

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