Sustainable Energy Freedom

Peco Power is on a mission to fight energy inequality and improve African lives. 

Smart Power Bricks

Peco Power provides a rugged, affordable, simple to use, off-grid electrification solution for African communities without access to electricity as well as a secondary backup power supply for households who need it during load shedding. These units can be charged from the grid or via a solar panel and can power both 12V DC appliances as well as 220V AC appliances when connected to an inverter.

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Peco power grids offers accessible energy to all


Peco’s PowerBrick has several unique features.
These include:

About Peco Power

Peco Power Is a collaboration between the University of the Witwatersrand, the original IP developers and Umbono Natural Resources (an impact investment company) to develop and manufacture its patented mini-grid intellectual property.

The original Peco IP was born from a humanitarian challenge in 2014 when WITS University Professor Cronje, gripped by the plight of the 600 million people in Africa living without access to electricity, sought a solution. Available systems were expensive, were not expandable, and required specialized technical skills to be installed and maintained. From this Peco’s new PowerBrick has developed. Inside every single PowerBrick is a Mini-grid. When two PowerBricks are plugged together, the system expands to form a larger Mini-grid. This allows households to build onto their systems as their needs grow and their budget allows.

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Off - Grid Electrification

Whilst many parts of Africa have some form of grid connectivity there are still a number of places that have no electrification infrastructure, and may possibly never have. Peco’s PowerBrick can run all your appliances using free solar energy during the day and seamlessly switch to its inbuilt Lithium battery at night. As off-grid solutions are likely to drawdown their batteries daily – we have designed them to give a minimum of 2000 plus cycles. This means that they will function for between 7 to 10 years before requiring a simple and inexpensive battery replacement.

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Backup Power Supply

Poor reliability of electrical power supply is a reality in many parts of the world and Africa is no exception. The PowerBrick will charge itself from the grid and allow you to keep your “must have” and “need to have” appliances running during power interruptions. If these interruptions are unpredictable or longer in nature, you can opt to charge it up with a solar panel, that can be connected in paralle with the grid charger, ensuring that it remains fully charged and ready at all times.

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Customised Power Solutions

A patented “Peco Inside” technology licenced to manufacturers of power solutions. This is “Next Gen Energy” and will soon render less flexible solutions obsolete. Peco partners with and supports System Integrators who are looking to access Peco’s patented plug & play expandable technology into their own product range.

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Collaborative Partnerships

Whether its online streaming, broadband data service or mobile telecommunications – unreliable power availability will negatively affect the customers’ ability to access the subscription offering. Bundling Peco Power solutions into the monthly contract would be an effective way to ensure uptime and offer an additional value added offering (power for other devices) to existing subscribers.

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Peco Champion Franchise

The ongoing challenge is often that communities that need a Peco solution most desperately, are not in a position to purchase it outright. Peco’s proprietary “Rent-to-Own” technology automatically locks the PowerBrick at predetermined intervals and allows users to unlock them with a code that is released to them on payment of the next instalment. A R350,000 investment is enough to set up a Peco Champion with their very own Peco franchise. The fee would include 100 “Rent to Own” Peco systems and a start-up toolkit with all equipment needed to set up business and start trading. By signing up rental customers, Peco Champions could have an ongoing and consistent income to support their families. In addition, every Peco Champion has direct access to technical training as well ongoing personal coaching and business mentoring. With over 100 million households in Africa without direct access to electricity – this could create 1 million job opportunities for Peco Champions across Africa.

Your Off-Grid Partner


Our launch offering, Peco Lite 50 and Peco Lite 80 may not meet the immediate electrification requirements of those residential households needing to power 220V AC appliances. However, they can provide some relief with lighting and device charging during power outages, with the potential to grow into much more.

Furthermore, the expandable nature of the Peco Grid means that you can start small and add more blocks later on, to increase the capacity and capability of the Grid during loadshedding.


Heating & Cooking

Our technology was developed to provide your home with essential electrification –lighting, device charging, entertainment, and refrigeration.

Peco Power technology is not suitable for high-power appliances such as heaters, microwaves, kettles and geysers. If you are looking for a cost-effective solution for heating and cooking, we recommend portable gas burners.

Bespoke solutions & distribution

At Peco Power, we undertake our own research and development on new technologies and product offerings. All our products are proudly South African and locally manufactured. 

This means that Peco Power can white-label and/or customize the specifications of any of our products according to your needs. If you are looking for a bespoke product to add to your offering, Peco Power can assist with R&D and manufacturing.


Peco Power Team

Dorian Wrigley


Muhammed Aswat


Professor Willie Cronje

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The Peco Team operating from Wits University Tau Motau, Mosa Kgari, Gilly Tema, Learn Chiloane, Prof. Willie Cronje, Victor Bicamumpaka, Luyanda Januarie, Thorn Nkabinde, Dorian Wrigley

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