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PeCo Power designs, manufactures and distributes a range of Smart Solar and Smart Storage Blocks. These can be linked together to build a Smart Mini-Grid that provides essential household electrification.

PeCo Power is a collaboration between Wits University, Umbono Natural Resources and Prof Willie Cronje and his team of PhD students, who pioneered the development of the innovative technology which is embedded in every PeCo Power Smart Solar and Smart Storage Block.

“Smart Blocks are intelligent, autonomous agents that connect together and co-operate to form a living, working electrification system. Smart Blocks automatically re-adjust themselves when additional loads or energy sources are added to, or removed from, the system. This gives the user the freedom to combine Smart Blocks in every imaginable way, to build systems that meet their unique energy requirements. Two identical Smart Block kits can be connected in totally different ways and in any order, and they will both work seamlessly. This Smart Block, modular approach is fundamentally different to the traditional solar home system that, for the most part, follow a cookie-cutter principle and are limited in their application.”

Prof Willie Cronje
(School of Electrical and Information Engineering, Wits University)