An electrification solution for lower-income communities that is affordable and sustainable

What is the InverterBrick?

Peco Power’s InverterBrick Is modular component that Interfaces to a PowerBrick to provide AC electrification. The InverterBrick can operate in stand-alone mode for off grid Installations as well as an Emergency Power System (EPS) for Installations with an unreliable utility connection. This InverterBrick opens the possibility of utilising previously owned consumer electronics that are currently in circulation in underserviced or rural communities.

Plug & Play

The simple, user-friendly design allows an individual to the commission system by simply plugging his InverterBrick into a PowerBrick™. The system automatically self-configures to provide EPS and grid charging functionality


InverterBricks contain intelligent electronics that allow for simple commissioning and minimal user Intervention during operation. These Intelligent devices mange changing overloads to utility power If present as well charging up the powerBrick.


Power bricks operate on a safe 12V DC platform to mitigate shock hazards. The devices also contain Intelligent fault protection that removes fire risks during a short circuit fault event.



USB and USB-C Charger

Cigarrete Lighter Charger

230V AC Output