Off-Grid Solutions

Sustainable Off-Grid Solutions Made For Africa

Unlock the power of independence with Peco’s Off-Grid Solutions tailored for African conditions. Our Powerbrick and Inverterbrick bring sustainable energy freedom to homes without access to electricity. Designed for African conditions, our systems endure, boasting a lifespan of 8+ years. 

With solar charging, our solutions illuminate lives, running lights, TVs, charging phones, and more. Peco’s lighting kit, brightens up to 3 lights, offering a comprehensive energy solution. Proudly South African, we’re dedicated to providing affordable, reliable, and enduring off-grid solutions, empowering communities with the promise of a brighter, sustainable future.

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What Appliances Can the PowerBrick Run?

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Energy Freedom For Everyone

PowerBrick Features

The PowerBrick has many features that make it the perfect Off-Grid solution

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