PeCo Unlocker – Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

PeCo Unlocker by PeCo Power Ltd is a FREE unlocking app for smart solar and battery devices connected with a USB On-The-Go (OTG) cable to your android device.

The app does not collect or transfer any personal information.


The app requires a sensitive Android permission to scan for a Voucher Number from SMS INBOX using a unique Device Id – assigned by PeCo Power, to automatically unlock the PeCo device. Voucher Numbers are sent by PeCo Power, and the SMSs without Device Ids are not scanned.

The purpose of this functionality is to allow for quick unlocking. The app can be denied permission instead and the user can insert the Voucher Number Manually.

No personal information is stored or sent to the developer/third party.

Third party libraries

The app utilizes third-party services that may collect information used to identify unique users to allow them to use certain functionalities of the app.

  • Microsoft Authentication is used to authenticate a PeCo Power distributor under the Device Configuration icon of the app. When signing in, a browser is opened, and the user can authenticate themselves using a Microsoft account created in the PeCo Unlocker app’s tenant. Microsoft accounts not added as external users in the tenant will not be authenticated.

No personal information is stored or sent to the developer throughout the authentication process.