PeCo Lite 50


The PeCo Lite 50 bundle includes a 50W Smart Solar Block and a 24Ah Smart Storage block. The PeCo Lite 50 builds a Smart Mini-Grid that can yield up to 195Wh of solar energy and store up to 144Wh for night-time use. The PeCo Lite 50 provides up to 339Wh of daily maximal energy.



An affordable entry-point into the PeCo lifestyle. The PeCo Lite 50 bundle caters to your essential electrification needs.

Bundle contents:

  • 1 x Smart Solar 50 Block
  • 1 x Smart Storage 24 Block
  • 1 x Solar panel connector cable
  • 3 x LED indoor lights (5W)
  • 1 x 12V DC outlet

Technical specifications:

  • Total useable energy: 339Wh
  • Solar energy yield: 195Wh
  • Battery energy storage: 144Wh
  • Peak solar panel power output: 39Wh
  • Peak battery power output: 55W

Additional information

Weight 17 kg