PeCo Lite 80

Giving you more hours of runtime during the daytime!

An affordable entry-point into the PeCo lifestyle for avid daytime users. 

The PeCo Lite 80 bundle provides additional solar energy yield to cater for extended electrification needs during the daytime.


The PeCo Lite 80 is a bundle for those that need additional power during the daytime. The PeCo Lite 80 comes with a larger 80W Smart Solar Block and a 24Ah Smart Storage Block. 

The PeCo Lite 80 builds a Smart Mini-Grid that can yield up to 320Wh of solar energy and store up to 144Wh for night-time use. The PeCo Lite 80 provides up to 476Wh of daily maximal power.

This bundle contains:
Technical data: