PeCo Lifestyle

PeCo is reimagining the future of electrification through its robust and continuous research and development efforts. 

PeCo Power offers a range of plug and play Smart Solar and Smart Storage Blocks that are used to build an expandable, 12 V DC,  Smart Mini-Grid for your home. Use your Smart Mini-Grid to power lights, cellphone chargers, 12 V DC televisions and other 12 V DC appliances. PeCo Power gives you the freedom to add or remove Smart Blocks from your Smart Mini-Grid, which allows you to build and customise your Smart Mini-Grid according to your energy needs and financial means.

Launch Product Range

PeCo Power’s launch product range includes the Smart Solar Block and the Smart Storage Block.

Smart Solar Block

The Smart Solar Block is designed for a 50W or an 80W solar panel. The Smart Solar Block allows your Smart Mini-Grid to generate green energy from the Sun that can be used to charge your Smart Storage Block or power your lights and appliances!

Smart Storage Block

The Smart Storage Block is designed for a 24Ah lead -acid battery. The Smart Storage Block allows your Smart Mini-Grid to store energy that is generated fom your Smart Solar Block. This energy can then be used at night-time to power your lights  and appliances!

Coming Soon!

PeCo Power’s R&D team are developing new and exciting Blocks to expand on your Smart Mini-Grids features and fuctionality!

Smart Lithium Block

The Smart Lithium Block is under construction! 

With the Smart Lithium Block, you will be able to expand on your Smart Mini-Grids battery storage capability with Lithium technology!



Smart Inverter Block

The Smart Inverter Block is under construction!

With the Smart Inverter Block you will be able to expand on your Smart  Mini-Grids functionality with the ability to supply 220V AC!



Smart Blocks are available for purchase in one of our two starter bundles: the PeCo Lite 50 or the PeCo Lite 80.