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Yes, simply connect it to any available Peco port on your system. Note: It may take longer to fully charge both PowerBricks from a single InverterBrick.

A-  Make sure the PowerBrick is switched on. The PowerBrick should remain switched on at all times to ensure that it is charged up and ready to function


B–  Check the fuse situated below the AC input on the inverterBrick and replace it is it has failed

Yes, please contact Peco Power for specifications of compatible solar panels and connector cables

The InverterBrick is designed to beep as part of its normal operating function. These are the different types of beeping that you may encounter

You will hear one very short beep. This requires no action

1 Short beep followed by InverterBrick LED turning off turning off.


  • Turn off InverterBrick.
  • Disconnect all appliances and wait 60 seconds.
  • Turn on InverterBrick.
  • Connect appliances one at a time.
Your system should now be functioning normally, if not, repeat the steps.
  • Reason: PowerBrick is unable to supply power to the InvetrerBrick


  • If the orange fault light is showing on the PowerBrick. Repeat the action sequence in 2 above.
  • If the red light is showing on the PowerBrick, the battery is flat.
          Charge the system by making sure that the Power cable is connected to the InverterBrick and                        plugged into an AC socket.
          To eliminate the beeping whilst the system recharges, simply switch off the InverterBrick. 
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