Congratulations on the purchase of your Peco Power product. Every Peco Power product has been built with the utmost care
and attention to detail and as such, we are pleased to offer you, our customer complete peace of mind, should your product
fail to operate in terms of the manufacturers specifications or requires back-up support or attention.
Under this Product Warranty, Peco Power warrants that each product is supplied free of defect in material or workmanship
and undertakes to repair or replace any failure that has occurred (except for those failures that have occurred due to
inappropriate use).
This Product Warranty is provided by Peco Power Pty Ltd operating from The University of the Witwatersrand at 1 Jan Smuts
Avenue, Braamfontein, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Standard Warranty

Every Peco Power product comes with a 12-month Standard Warranty, effective for 12 calendar months from date of
purchase subject to all Terms and Conditions listed in this Policy.

Extended Warranty

On subsequent registration of your Peco Power product at and receipt of confirmation from Peco
Power, the Warranty Period will be extended by an additional 12 calendar months, commencing at the end of the Standard
Warranty, subject to all Terms and Conditions listed in this Policy.
For an Extended Warranty to take effect:
• Peco Power’s product needs to be registered within 3 months from its date of purchase.
• All information, including product serial numbers and ownership details needs to be captured during registration.
• Confirmation of registration detailing the products that are covered under the Extended Warranty needs to be
acknowledged by the company and received by the customer.

Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions apply:
• The Warranty Period begins on the date of invoice.
• The Product Warranty only covers products designed and built by Peco Power and not 3rd party products that are
purchased or bundled with Peco Power’s products such as solar panels and 3rd party inverters.
• Before a Warranty Claim can be activated, the customer will need to contact to register
a claim and receive a reference number.
• Should the product fail to operate within the first 7 (seven) days after receipt of the product, the shipping costs to
and from Peco Power’s assessment or repair facility will be covered by the Product Warranty.
• Where a product is reported faulty or damaged or defective within the Warranty Period:
o The customer will need to return the product to Peco Power at their own cost
o The product will then be assessed, and a determination will be made as to whether it is a Warranty Claim
in terms of our Product Warranty.
• Warranty Claims can only be processed with:
o Proof of purchase
o Confirmation of Extended Warranty if the Standard Warranty Period has expired.
• No dealer, distributor or reseller is entitled to amend these Warranty conditions on behalf of Peco Power.
• This Product Warranty will be rendered null and void if any unauthorised repairs or modifications have been made
to the product in any way or form.
• This Product Warranty will be rendered null and void if the product has been used in any way for which it was not
designed or intended.
• Peco Power will not be held liable for any consequential damage of any nature whatsoever resulting from the
operation or failure of its product or any of the 3rd party products supplied or bundled with Peco Power’s products.

Warranty Exclusions

This Product Warranty will not apply to problems attributable to or brought on by:
• Improper use of the product.
• Failures induced by faulty appliances connected to the product.
• Lack of proper storage or handling of the product.
• Power surges, fire, unusual mechanical, physical or electrical stress, severe weather conditions including but not
limited to acts of nature, flooding or lightning.
• Connecting any load or power source to the product other than through the designated Peco Power ports.